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Chpt.14 Muliplication and Division

Whole Class Activities

Skip Counting Counting Ants for a parade. Has a long intro.
Basic Multiplication REpeated Addition and Multiplication
Interactive 100s Chart Must use firefox if on a Mac
Math Cats Multiplication Rods Requires free download to play

School House Rocks Songssong clip is very short, the words for the song are posted.

Online Games
Quia FlashcardsGood for whole-class review. Just like real flashcards, there is no inputting of answers.
Funbrain BaseballLets students practice mixed operations. It's easy for students to leave the game and get to other things.
That's a FactNice! Directions can be read by computer. Students can review missed problems. Page looks clean.
Number Grid Use in Firefox if on a Mac
Math Magician