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Chpt 12 Place Value to 1000

Whole Class Presentations and Games

Base 10 blocks and mat. Kid Pix style.
Hundreds Tens & Ones Given a number, students must identify the digit in the all places-100s, 10s &1s
More 100s, 10s & 1s Given a number students must identify place value (randomly selects 100s, 10s, &1s)
Expanded Form Given the expanded form students must type in the number it makes.
Expanded Form: Magnetic Numbers Use this board to create expanded form problems.
Numbers to 1000 How to say really big numbers
Compare Numbers using greater than, less then sign.

Independent Online Games

100s,10s, 1sBase 10 Block Game Make the number on screen. Choose 10s or 100s.
Place Value Golf Help a golf make a hole in one by answering which digit is in the 10s, 100s, or 1000s place value and which number represents the expanded (word) form. Has a timer & a score. Choose level 3.
Expanded Form Give students specific numbers to create or let them explore making numbers with expanded notation.
Compare Numbers Play against the computer. Using a deck of cards make the biggest # you can (to 10,000) and then decide which number is bigger. Audio & visual prompts/directions.
Order Numbers Fishy Numbers up to 1000. Choose easy or hard. Gives score.

Advanced Games

Counting on or Back by 1s
Less Than Lake Maze Help the monster get across the lake by clicking on stepping stones that are less than the last one.
Than Marsh MazeHelp the monster get across the marsh by clicking on stepping stones that are more than the last one.