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Chpt 7 PLace Value and Patterns

Whole Class Presentations and Online Games

Base 10 blocks and mat. Kid Pix style.
Catch Ten Help bear catch 10 cubes floating down the river. If he catches 10 he'll throw a ten block on the shore, if you give him more than 10 he drops them all.
Numbers to 100 Take my number lets you choose a number then click on each digit to find out what place its in.
Regrouping to Make 10 Follow the girls instruction on regrouping to find out how many cubes she has.
Numbers to 50 Given tens and ones cubes students must identify number. Has about 15 different problems and then begins to repeat itself.
Numbers to 100 Visual description of how place value works.
Compare Numbers Robot has a machine that give you 3 digits which you place in an order to make a bigger number.
Compare Numbers using greater than, less then sign.
Count by 10s Simple counting where the children count along by 1's, 5's and 10's to 100.
Read a story about Odd and Even
Estimate Numbers
Estimator How many?

Independent Online Games

Student ViewTens and Ones Drag the 10 blocks and individual cubes to make a number.
Numbers Practice Click on the dinosaur eggs to make the number. The game won't end and begins to repeat problems, so have kids play until they are done.
Numbers to 50 Shark Pool- Choose the bubble with the correct number (shown in cubes) or the shark will eat your surfboard.
More Numbers to 100 Place the Penguins Put the 3 penguins on the 3 the grid to represent the expanded notation of a 100s number. Choose level 2.
Counting by 2s Great little game! Forces the player to count rapidly by 2's to 20.
Counting by 5s
Count by 2s and 5s
Odd & Evens Don't use the check
Order Numbers