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Chpt.4 Subtraction Concepts

The emphasis in this chapter is mastery of basic subtraction facts with differences from 8. Subtraction concepts are explored including subtracting 0 and subtracting all.

Culminating Activities: Kid Pix Projects

Use addition to check subtraction SampleTeam up with a 2nd/3rd grade class (maybe your reading buddies) and have them illustrate and write a word problem that uses subtraction. Have 1st grade students write and answer the subtraction problem. As well as an addition problem to check their subtraction.

Whole Class Presentations and Games

Missing BeesRead the word problem and use the picture clues to decide how many bees are in the hive. Finish by writing a math sentence together on the board or at their seats.
Across and Down Practice Gives you a mat area to retype the problem down and a visual aide. Will check and/or solve the problem for you.
Tic-Tac-Toe Against the computer. Choose level and operation.

Independent Online Games

View student work page at Tech Centers

Count us In! Subtraction Bowling Students type answer to knock down pins. Pins are also a graphic representation of the number sentence. Numbers up to 10
Pinball Math Click and hold on the green button to release the ball. As the ball hits the numbers and minus sign it form a math sentence you have to solve. I wouldn't normally include a game like this but I believe it ties into the 1st grade science standards about motion.
Math Magician Select the number you would like to subtract.

Online Resources

Subtraction Math Worksheet Generator