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Addition Strategies and Facts to 12

Projects: KidPix Activities

Turn Around Facts Sample In small groups have students brainstorm ways to make... (ex. 11). After they have made a list of possible math sentences, have them each choose a different sentence to illustrate using KidPix. Have them write an additional sentence to show the turnaround fact. I changed the color of my number to match the color of the corresponding picture for added visual effect. Assemble pages by number as a class book.

Doubles Sample Have students choose a number and illustrate a math sentence using the concepts of doubles. Assemble as a class book. Hide the sum with a sticky and it becomes a "lift the flap book" that tests their knowledge of doubles.

Whole Class Presentation and Online Games

Number Line Show students how using a number line can help them solve addition problems. Also good visual for counting on.
Who wants to be a Mathionaire Game show format.

Independent Online Games

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Spooky Sequences Count On Ghosts with two digits appear. Add the missing number.
Spooky Sequences Count On with 3 digits Ghosts with triple digits appear. Add the missing number.
Use picture clues: click on the number sentence and matching picture
Addition Suprise Facts Practice on a number grid
Ghost Blaster Practice sums to a number that you set. The game is designed for 2 players to play at the same time, using the m and z keys. Good for students who need practice with one specific sum.
Math Magician Choose operation and level